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chop·py 1

adj. chop·pi·er, chop·pi·est
1. Having many small waves; rough: choppy seas.
2. Not smoothly connected; disjointed: needed to edit the choppy prose in the essay.

[From chop.]

chop′pi·ly adv.
chop′pi·ness n.

chop·py 2

adj. chop·pi·er, chop·pi·est
Abruptly shifting; variable. Used of the wind.

[From chop.]
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Noun1.choppiness - used of the sea during inclement or stormy weatherchoppiness - used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather
storminess - the state of being stormy; "he dreaded the storminess of the North Atlantic in winter"
تَلاطُم الأمْواج، تَقَلُّب


(tʃop) past tense past participle chopped verb
(sometimes with up) to cut (into small pieces). He chopped up the vegetables.
a slice of mutton, pork etc containing a rib.
ˈchopper noun
1. an instrument for chopping.
2. a helicopter.
ˈchoppy adjective
(of the sea) rough.
ˈchoppiness noun
chop and change
to keep changing (especially one's mind).
chop down
to cause (especially a tree) to fall by cutting it with an axe. He chopped down the fir tree.
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But even that level of runaway success hasn't caused company executives to rest on their collective laurels, particularly since the sting of recent economic choppiness is still being felt in many client sectors.
Tom Gallagher, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "Our results reflect the moderation in our sales and earnings growth rates in the second quarter, primarily due to the ongoing choppiness in the economy.
Therefore, you may have noticed choppiness in 4K video demos.
But] that said, it is highly unlikely that the choppiness overseas will trip up U.
Those who experience choppiness after installing the new iOS 8 will have to install the iOS 8.
That has significantly reduced bodyroll, so you and the car are much more composed on winding roads - at the expense of a little choppiness on ravaged roads.
The book's choppiness and abrupt ending--the gunfight takes up only a few pages--are jarring.
Zander is a genius, absolutely the only person in the world capable of cutting it to the right amount of short choppiness - apart from George, the inventor of the look.
Northerly/westerly surface wind gusting between 10 to 35 kilometres per hour provokes mild Mediterranean Sea choppiness with surface water temperature standing at 20 degrees Celsius for this time of the year.
Sold Your Love has the frantic choppiness with a heart of Biffy Clyro, while Love Isn't Love sounds like Roxy Music.
Given last week's atrocious conditions and the Irish Sea's general choppiness, will a modern hovercraft enjoy better luck?
Despite the choppiness of August, September may turn out to be increasingly volatile for investors, as economic decisions in the US over monetary policy come to a head.