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also cho·ral  (kə-răl′, -räl′)
1. A Protestant hymn melody.
2. A harmonized arrangement of such a melody, especially one forming part of a larger choral or organ work.
3. A chorus or choir.

[German, short for Choralgesang, choral song, translation of Medieval Latin cantus chorālis; see choral.]


(kɒˈrɑːl) or


1. (Classical Music) a slow stately hymn tune, esp of the Lutheran Church
2. (Music, other) chiefly US a choir or chorus
[C19: from German Choralgesang, translation of Latin cantus chorālis choral song]


(kəˈræl, -ˈrɑl)

1. a hymn, esp. one with strong harmonization: a Bach chorale.
2. a group of singers specializing in singing church music; choir.
[1835–45; < German Choral, short for Choralgesang, translation of Latin cantus chorālis choral singing; see choral]


A stately hymn, especially of the Lutheran Church.
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Noun1.chorale - a stately Protestant (especially Lutheran) hymn tune
hymn, anthem - a song of praise (to God or to a saint or to a nation)


[kɔˈrɑːl] Ncoral m


[kɒˈrɑːl] n
(= piece of music) → choral m
(US) (= choir) → chorale fchoral society nchorale f


nChoral m
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The congregation sit at ease while the parson does the praying for them, and while they are droning the long-drawn-out chorales, he retires into a little wooden box just big enough to hold him.
10-11, ESO Music Director Andrew Grams will lead the ESO and Elgin Master Chorale in performances of two well-known choral works -- the Vivaldi Gloria and the Mozart Requiem.
La Salle, 2nd Runner Up, trophy and P25,000; Five consolations prizes of P5,000 were given to the following; Adlibitum Chorus (Batangas State University), Coro Regina Coeli (Most Holy Rosary Parish, Rosario Cavite), Las Pinas City Chorale, PLMun Chorale and University of Perpetual Help System - Dalta Chorale.
The concerts, which will be the first time the Chorale has produced a Christmas-themed program in its 14 year history, will feature a diversity of sacred works that will include the harmonies of J.
A chorale group from Ligao National High School (LNHS) in Ligao City, Albay won the grand prix award during the 2016 Busan choral festival and competition held in South Korea, besting nine other chorale groups representing various Asian countries.
La chorale de la wilaya de Laghouat a remporte la premiere place du concours concernant le palier primaire, suivie respectivement de celles des wilayas de Biskra et Mila, tandis que pour le cycle moyen, les trois premieres places ont ete obtenues successivement par les chorales des wilayas d'El-Oued, Mostaganem et Mila.
A fine example of this new wave of Telemann scholarship is Ute Poetzsch's critical edition of five chorale settings composed between the mid-1740s and 1754: Christus, der ist mein Leben TVWV 1:138; Du, o schemes Weltgebaude TVWV 1:394; Ich bin ja, Herr, in deiner Macht TVWV 1:822; Jesu, meine Freude TVWV 1:970; and Jesus, meine Zuversicht TVWV 1:984.
Seho Young, the alternate in the 2014 MTNA Eastern Division Senior Piano Competition, won first place and a $5,000 scholarship from the Williams Chorale Bacardi Fallon Performing Arts Scholarship Competition.
The Worcester State University Chorale will perform at 8 p.
9 and will feature the highly acclaimed Nathaniel Dett Chorale from Toronto.
Yn gyntaf, yn y rhaglen ddogfen Glanaethwy a Gondwana: Y Paratoi mi gawn ni fynd tu ol i'r llenni wrth i Gor Hyn Glanaethwy o Ogledd Cymru gyfarfod ag aelodau o'r Gondwana Chorale, cor ieuenctid enwog yn Awstralia.
La presidente de l'Opera du Caire, Dr Ines Abdel Dayem, a declare la creation d'une chorale d'enfants talentueux a l'Opera d'Alexandrie, dont le but serait de sauvegarder l'identite arabe des chansons.