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1. Of or relating to a chorus or choir.
2. Performed or written for performance by a chorus.

[Medieval Latin chorālis, from chorus, choral dance, from Latin; see chorus.]

cho′ral·ly adv.
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Adv.1.chorally - by a chorus; "chorally accompanied"
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READING THE NOVEL: After reviewing the questions that the teacher asked at the beginning of the story, the teacher and students would begin reading the assigned chapters chorally.
Orchestrally this was a triumph, and almost so chorally, too.
So she chose lovely fresh chorally red and we had fun with the nails as well but kept rest of the face fresh.
For example, Rosa read stories and asked the children to listen for explicit vocabulary, to read stories chorally, and to practice phonological rules.
Such activities have been developed as process-experiences, progressively and chorally implemented by experts and people (meeting, discussing and learning together) in a pleasant atmosphere, in a very 'friendly learning'.
Although seemingly contradictory, a direct instruction approach, which provides the teacher with a script and the students with opportunities to respond chorally (as a function of errorless learning; Markle, 1990) or with faultless communication (Englemann & Carnine, 1982), was selected as the most efficient way to create such a culture.
The Manchester Consort will be chorally trained by its co-founder and principal conductor Gregory Batsleer.
Aida made a much more welcome return after almost a quarter-century's absence, with Derek Bate ably sharing baton duties with company Music Director Johannes Debus (the latterleading the opera for the first time) and Sandra Horst's fine chorus rising to the challenge of one of Verdi's most chorally powerful operas.