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1. Of or relating to the strings of an instrument.
2. Relating to or consisting of a harmonic chord.
3. Giving prominence to harmonic rather than contrapuntal structure: chordal music.


(ˈkɔr dl)

1. of, pertaining to, or resembling a chord.
2. of or pertaining to music that is marked principally by vertical harmonic movement rather than by linear polyphony.
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Adj.1.chordal - relating to or consisting of or emphasizing chords; "chordal assonance in modern music"; "chordal rather than contrapuntal music"


adj (Mus) → Akkord-
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A guitarist with a flawless technique and imaginative chordal approach, Jack has been astounding jazz fans since the early 1970s, playing at the highest level on the international scene and collaborating with many of the greats including Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan, Bob Brookmeyer, Buddy Rich and many others.
CardiAQ's second generation TMVI products are built upon the company's proprietary method for anchoring the implant through leaflet engagement, chordal preservation, and annular attachment, while offering greater durability, improved flow properties, and a novel feature for the prevention of paravalvular leaks, said Arshad Quadri, MD, Cardiac Surgeon, Founder, and CMO.
Chordal work, harmonies, natural minor scales and metronome functionality are all features that can be demonstrated and used by the students in real time.
He will play eight pieces, including Heinz Hollinger's Chordal Study (Veale studied with Hollinger).
Gavrilov, he of the prodigious technique and lyrical sensitivity, sailed through the enormous technical difficulties of the Concerto with no apparent effort, throwing off huge cascading chordal sections with ease.
It's mostly original tunes with their arrangements of Comin' Home Baby and Sunny added, and they reflect the band's ability to cover an amazingly wide range of moods with no help from chordal instruments or percussion.
Lattouf concluded his presentation noting that: (1) TransCardiac's MitraFlex “stitch and chord” may be superior to bow-tie stitch alone; (2) Single or multiple mitral chordal trans-apical replacements are feasible; (3) The TransCardiac MitraFlex may be the surgical minimally invasive alternative to more complex trans septal routes for applying an Alfieri type repair.
Tyler is to be commended for not abandoning the use of various sorts of original notation: he includes examples in Italian and French tablatures, which should be familiar to any lutenist, as well as ones that use the chordal alfabeto, often mixed with Italian tablature.
Both pieces are rock-inspired: that is, they use the most elementary and predictable chordal sequences, in mind-numbing repetition, and at incessantly high levels of volume.
That the BAV is a congenital anomaly is well accepted, but that MVP is also likely a congenital anomaly--at least some of the leaflet and chordal tissue is congenitally deficient--is less well appreciated.
Right in the first composition, Fratres, originally written for a chamber orchestra of period or modern instruments and subsequently arranged by Part and others into another eight versions, the chordal harp accompaniment has in its archaic nature a far more expressive form than in the piano version, known to us from, for instance, Jiff Basta and Marian Lapsansky's recording (Supraphon 11 2156-2132, 1994).