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 (kə-rē′gəs, -rā′-)
n. pl. cho·re·gi (-jī′)
Variant of choragus.


1. (Theatre) the producer or financier of a dramatist's works in Ancient Greece
2. (Education) the name given to an official at Oxford University who now aids the Professor of Music but who was originally assigned to oversee musical rehearsal
3. (Music, other) a person who conducts or directs a choir or specialized group of people


(kəˈreɪ gəs, koʊ-, kɔ-)

also choregus

n., pl. -gi (-jī), -gus•es.
1. (in ancient Greece) the leader of a dramatic chorus.
2. any conductor or leader of something, esp. of a musical ensemble or entertainment.
[1620–30; < Latin < Greek chorāgós,chorēgós <chor(ós) chorus + ágein to lead]
cho•rag•ic (kəˈrædʒ ɪk, -ˈreɪ dʒɪk) adj.
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At Lacedaemon the choregus himself played on the flute; and it was so common at Athens that almost every freeman understood it, as is evident from the tablet which Thrasippus dedicated when he was choregus; but afterwards they rejected it as dangerous; having become better judges of what tended to promote virtue and what did not.
23-25, San Francisco Performances, MAX * March 1-3, Place des Arts, Montreal, Hora * March 7-10, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Hora * March 15, Choregus Productions, Tulsa, OK, MAX * March 17-18, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, MAX and Bolero * March 20, Texas Performing Arts, Austin, MAX * March 22, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, AZ, MAX
His 'groundwork for a theatre' has led, after all, to a steady relationship with a lively, renovated Abbey open as never before since the death of Yeats to a fusion of all the arts, with the playwright as choregus and inspiration.