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 (kô-rē′ə, kō-, kə-)
Any of various disorders of the nervous system marked by involuntary, jerky movements, especially of the arms, legs, and face, and by incoordination.

[New Latin chorēa (Sānctī Vitī), (Saint Vitus') dance, from Latin chorēa, from Greek khoreia, choral dance, from khoros; see chorus.]

cho·re′ic (-ĭk) adj.
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A 64-year-old female patient came with choreic movements that she had noticed one month before she was admitted to the hospital.
The right arm and leg can be moved, but they are somewhat wasted, and are the seat of irregular choreic movements whenever an attempt is made to use the arm or to walk.
It should be suspected in any young onset of abnormal movement of choreic forms and malingering should be the last diagnosis to be considered.