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 (kô-rē′ə, kō-, kə-)
Any of various disorders of the nervous system marked by involuntary, jerky movements, especially of the arms, legs, and face, and by incoordination.

[New Latin chorēa (Sānctī Vitī), (Saint Vitus') dance, from Latin chorēa, from Greek khoreia, choral dance, from khoros; see chorus.]

cho·re′ic (-ĭk) adj.
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Sydenham's chorea is a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by sudden, involuntary, arrhythmic, choreic, and purposeless movements.
151) Only Guibord questioned why epilepsy and other "convulsions" were treated criminally: "It would seem the extreme of injustice to treat a case of epileptic excitement or a case of choreic [sic] instability by severe disciplinary measures as is now frequently done.
In addition, Huntington's disease manifests clinically as a triad of choreic movements, cognitive decline, and psychiatric syndromes.