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chose 1

Past tense of choose.

chose 2

n. Law
An item of personal property; a chattel.

[French, from Latin causa, thing, case, reason.]


the past tense of choose


(Law) law an article of personal property
[C17: from French: thing, from Latin causa cause, case, reason]



1. pt. of choose.
2. Obs. pp. of choose.



an article of personal property.
[1660–70; < French < Latin causa case, thing. See cause]
References in classic literature ?
And when he had spoken, he who had the first choice came forward and in a moment chose the greatest tyranny; his mind having been darkened by folly and sensuality, he had not thought out the whole matter before he chose, and did not at first sight perceive that he was fated, among other evils, to devour his own children.
They therefore chose as leaders Mice that were most renowned for their family descent, strength, and counsel, as well as those most noted for their courage in the fight, so that they might be better marshaled in battle array and formed into troops, regiments, and battalions.
I do not know why I chose the loft to renew my long-neglected friendship with them.
The hero's rogue servant, Chispa, seemed to me, then and long afterwards, so fine a bit of Spanish character that I chose his name for my first pseudonym when I began to write for the newspapers, and signed my legislative correspondence for a Cincinnati paper with it.
Will Scarlet was chosen to follow him, and now took his place and carefully chose three round and full-feathered arrows.
5% chose methamphetamine/crack as the most dangerous drugs facing America's youth while just over 26% chose prescription drugs/painkillers.
They chose the Whitehouse Farm site near Morpeth rather than a far-flung industrial estate, and it is uncluttered and modern.
In a recent poll conducted by Gallup, fifty-two percent chose China while 32 percent chose the United States as the world's top economic power.
I always chose the shortest books on my school's summer reading list and rarely finished them.
In choosing a control for the potential confounder of increasing symptoms on medication use, we chose three symptoms that are directly related (locally) to the nose: nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, and dysosmia.
The Atlanta Falcons, though they had Michael Vick, chose Matt Schaub in the third round in 2004 and he already has drawn strong trade interest from the Vikings, among others.