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An Alsatian dish of sauerkraut with wine, sausages, pork, and juniper berries.

[French choucroute (garnie), (garnished) sauerkraut, alteration (influenced by chou, cabbage) of German dialectal sûrkrût : Old High German sūr, sour + Old High German krūt, cabbage, kraut.]


(Cookery) a dish, resembling sauerkraut, that consists of cabbage that has been preserved by soaking in pickle
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The third is its wide-ranging inclusion of everything from pork popcorn to international fare from carnitas to choucroute.
Think of it as choucroute, which just stays in the pot forever and keeps evolving over time.
Leaving the hospital for supper at a nearby cafe, Frederic reminds himself that he had choucroute for lunch and orders ham and eggs for dinner.
We've put it on the specials menu here at Food Social for December, pan-fried with choucroute, smoked sausage and roasting juices.
Yet as dispiriting as conditions are for conservatives in America, he says over a lunch of choucroute garni, it's a paradise compared to France.
Main courses featured dishes such as coq au vin and Toulouse sausage with choucroute, both of which I might order at a place in rural France but the appeal wanes in Le Truc's location amid the themed dining of the Arcadian Centre.
Bragard, "avec un dejeuner concocte conjointement par le chef de l'Elysee, Bernard Vaussion (40 ans de services elyseens et six presidents), et Ulrich Kerz: du turbot certainement cote francais et quelque chose de tres allemand mais peut-etre pas du jarret de porc et de la choucroute car Angela Merkel adore les legumes".
C Pour eviter que le reste de curry de ce midi ou votre choucroute n'empeste lorsque vous ouvrez votre frigo, rangez tout dans des boEtes hermetiques.
I was presented with a loin of roe deer with choucroute and celeriac puree, braised haunch cottage pie with a layer of red cabbage bubbles.
His loin of roe 'dear', choucroute and celeriac puree, braised haunch cottage pie and red cabbage bubbles is the star dish on his Valentine's menu.
wood grilled black bream, choucroute, heirloom carrot, artichoke, and red wine bearnaise.
Menu includes Mousse of Chicken Liver and Compote of Winter Vegetables; Tarte of Choucroute With Muenster Cheese; Medallions of Lamb With Pain d-Epices; Braised Endive in Orange Sauce; and Almond Tart.