chow chow

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chow chow

A dog of a sturdy breed originating in China, having a broad head, a blue-black tongue, and a dense tan, reddish, gray-blue, or black coat that is either long and rough or short and smooth. Also called chow1.

[Perhaps from chow-chow,, chow-chow preserves, miscellaneous knick-knacks exported from China; see chow-chow.]

chow chow

(ˈtʃaʊ ˌtʃaʊ)

n. (often caps.)
one of a Chinese breed of medium-sized dogs with a stocky body, a large head, a thick coat forming a ruff around the neck, and a blue-black tongue.
[1785–95; said to be < dial. Chinese; compare Guangdong dial. gáu dog]


a relish of chopped mixed pickles in mustard sauce.
[1785–95; < Chinese Pidgin English]
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Noun1.chow chow - breed of medium-sized dogs with a thick coat and fluffy curled tails and distinctive blue-black tongueschow chow - breed of medium-sized dogs with a thick coat and fluffy curled tails and distinctive blue-black tongues; believed to have originated in northern China
spitz - any of various stocky heavy-coated breeds of dogs native to northern regions having pointed muzzles and erect ears with a curled furry tail
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A Chow Chow was euthanized in 2012, after it attacked an eight-year-old boy riding a bicycle in York, S.
OUR dog Podge is a Chow Chow / Japanese Spitz cross.
In October 2011, the Links group - which includes the British Veterinary Association, the NSPCC, the RSPCA, the Scottish SPCA and others - started the SHOW NEWS September 27 | Chow Chow Club of Scotland's championship show in Ladywood Leisure Centre, Penicuik.
Music City Grill offers up a signature Tennessee Chow Chow Pork Chop Sandwich along with burgers, steak sandwiches, chicken tenders, and fries.
You might mistake Farah, a chow chow, for a black Teddy bear, but look closer and you'll find an honest to goodness dog
It later expanded to include syrup, jellies, preserves and chow chow, and then salsa.
MTR, an anagram for Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, which has its origins in Bengaluru, India, serves glorious South Indian vegetarian food -- delicious vada (savoury snack) and idly sambar, poori sagu, bisibelle bath (lentil rice), chow chow bath, lunch and dinner platters and a variety of dosas, which by far are the restaurant's unique selling point.
Two hours later, another man called her with a chow chow for sale.
There's been a Pekingese dog reported missing, a chow chow, a miniature schnauzer and a shih tzu - to name a few.
In lieu of flowers, Memorial Contributions may be made to: The New England Chow Chow Club Rescue Fund c/o Peggy Carney, P.
The man City star bought two chow chow puppies before Christmas and has a black labrador Lucky back in Italy.
Vegetable oil for deep-fryer 2 pounds Brussels sprouts, cleaned, cored, quartered 1/4 cup hot chicken stock 1/4 cup hot apple cider 1/2 cup chow chow, form above, warmed, plus as needed Sait to taste