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Noun1.chowchow - chopped pickles in mustard sauce
relish - spicy or savory condiment
2.chowchow - a Chinese preserve of mixed fruits and ginger
conserve, conserves, preserves, preserve - fruit preserved by cooking with sugar
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With his size and the thickness of his fur, Chowchow Ponti is the complete opposite of French bulldogs.
Made of shredded crab, not lump, and served with a grilled half lemon and a flavor-packed Southern chowchow, this cake was snow-white on the inside and had notes of citrus and nuanced flavor.
I remember the women in the kitchen making chowchow and pitting cherries from the backyard tree.
Landry suggests braising the meat on Saturday morning; preparing the chowchow while the meat is in the oven; and then in the afternoon, making the boudin balls, along with a dipping sauce.
The gentleman was hunting at fever pitch in the bottle, but it contained not the delicious little varieties usually associated with chowchow pickles.
Chowchow Club of Scotland Championship Show, Penicuik, Midlothian.
CHOWCHOW When the first frost threatens to wipe out your garden or when you decide to plow under the garden, it's time to make Chowchow.
Our beloved ChowChow Gaga Chanel was admitted at the Dr Nonie Cotts Clinic and kept an isolation, but he fought for his life everyday.