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n. Slang
One who eats enthusiastically or excessively.


informal a greedy person or a person who loves eating



n. Slang.
a person who eats food in large quantities or with great gusto; glutton.
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Only two of the dogs were real chowhounds, showing a strong preference for the food," he said.
Some cats are finicky eaters while others behave more like chowhounds, quickly gobbling all food at any opportunity.
com)-- Foodies, gourmets and chowhounds can now learn culinary words and phrases in seven languages.
We present a selection of the best the city has to offer to its chowhounds.
com--the once-undercyberground food-discussion forum professional food writers are now mostly like to lurk around for scoops--has long distinguished between Chowhounds, who "won't hesitate to go far, far out of their way" to avoid "ingesting anything undelicious," and foodies--who "lap up hype" and "eat what they're told" (chowhound.
I've had two dogs who were real chowhounds, including my 16-year-old Piglet, and even a single missed meal has me rushing them to the vet.
Only diet hucksters and true chowhounds would benefit from a world where the local McDonald's gave way to places serving 72-ounce steaks and burgers that reach toward the heavens like Manhattan skyscrapers.
Sleek banquettes provide the perfect backdrop to see and be seen, while an impressive sake list and quality dishes like white-asparagus salad with Dungeness crab will draw curious chowhounds.
Now, this entire family of words calling to mind the unbridled appetite of gluttons, of face stuffers, of scarfers, of chowhounds, of epicurean swine, is utterly foreign to French culture and to la gourmandise, which remains the admirable activity of the gourmand.
You enlist a pro with his own cred in the kitchen - and that's just what General Mills did by bringing on James Beard award-winning television personality and chef Andrew Zimmern to head up a wide-ranging panel of celebrity chowhounds to develop the short list of nominees.
Some dogs are real masters at being chowhounds and give you those begging eyes when you sit down to eat.
CHOW combines original editorial from the team that created CHOW Magazine with the passionate community of Chowhounds to create a different kind of food website for those who live to eat.