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1. See Chi-Rho.
2. A decoration or ornament in the form of a Chi-Rho or other Christian emblem.

[New Latin Chrīs(tī) mon(ogramma), monogram of Christ : Latin Chrīstī, genitive of Chrīstus, Christ; see Christ2 + Late Latin monogramma, monogram; see monogram.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) the monogram and symbol of Christ's name, also known as chi-rho, derived from the initial two letters of the word Christ in Greek
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The team led by Chearmonte includes Ryan Woolard; Arthur Soma, product manager nuclear/containment; Christian Hicks, containment systems sales engineer; Gary Chrismon, sales engineering/product manager; Keith Woolard, research & development/engineering manager; Mike Carlyle, senior project manager/engineering; and Derek Gibbs, sales engineer, and other key personnel at the Washington factory.
The church was beautifully decorated with garland draping the railings, poinsettias lining the walls, and even a Chrismon tree to top it off.
First Lieutenant Chrismon is the executive officer of the 511th Engineer Dive Detachment.
We acknowledge the efforts of many persons involved with study data collection and management and data analysis consultation, including Holly Anger, Pennan Barry, Peter Cegielski, Jeffrey Chrismon, Carla Cueva, Wafaa El-Sadr, Denise Garrett, Jerrie Givens, Anita Musafar, Thomas Navin, Hugo Ortega, Stephanie Ott, Nicolette Palermo, Vicki Randle, Alicia Rodriguez, Marthe Sende, Brian Sizemore, John Stamper, Andrew Vernon, Charles Wallace, Ying Wang, and James Watt.
West Kirby CHRISMON Festival and Christmas Fair at West Kirby Methodist Church, Westbourne Road today from 10.
Against a winter blue backdrop with several large eight-pointed snowflakes or stars that look vaguely like variations on crosses from a Chrismon tree (traditionally decorated with white and gold symbols of the Christian faith) is the message "Choice on Earth.
In the sanctuary, the Chrismon tree was embellished with white lights and white and gold ornaments and stood to the left of the chancel and choir rail, which were adorned with swags of greenery and magnolia caught up with bouquets of Eskimo roses, limelight hydrangeas, and seeded eucalyptus.