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1. Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
2. Relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus's teachings.
3. Manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus, especially in showing concern for others.
4. Relating to or characteristic of Christianity or its adherents.
1. One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
2. One who lives according to the teachings of Jesus.

[Middle English Cristen, from Old English cristen, from Latin Chrīstiānus, from Chrīstus, Christ; see Christ.]

Chris′tian·ly adj. & adv.
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Adj.1.christianly - becoming to or like a Christian; "gentle christianly behavior"
christian - following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ
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the axe, an ingenious device, and well worthy of those who know not what a gentleman is; you frighten me not, executioner's axe," added he, touching it with the cane which he held in his hand, "and I strike you now, waiting patiently and Christianly for you to return the blow.
Rooted primarily in Reformed thought, this model emerged in the second half of the twentieth century as the way to think Christianly in the evangelical academy.
This Christianly justified forgive-and-forget approach that hushed up the sins of the perpetrators leads to moral paralysis, not spiritual humility, von Kellenbach insists.
However, Bell argued that they should be enjoined nevertheless: "It is therefore most prudently and right Christianly provided in the Canons of Anno.
54) The whole prayer reads: "O merciful Lord, and heavenly Father, by whose gracious gift mankind is increased: We beseech thee, assist with thy blessing these two persons, that they may both be fruitful in procreation of children, and also live together so long in godly love and honesty, that they may see their children Christianly and virtuously brought up, to thy praise and honour; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Bartholomew & Goheen, 2004; Van-boozer, 2005) provides a helpful framework for understanding humanity Christianly, for criticizing secular approaches, for anchoring Christian psychology and counseling models in a narrative context, and for revealing the rich resources relevant to psychological wellbeing (Creation), psychopathology (Fall), psychotherapy (Redemption), and the future (Consummation).
Though there are many different "views" on the relationship between psychology and Christianity, I think David Myers is correct when he contends that these may be reduced to "two distinct paths to doing psychology Christianly.
We argue that not only is right self-love both humanly and Christianly legitimate, but also that it is the basis of all other right love, of neighbor-love and God-love, for if persons do not fully accept themselves, in both their wholeness and their brokenness, neither can they give themselves fully to another person or fully accept that other person.
Jones and Butman have definitely succeeded in helping mental health practitioners think more deeply and christianly about the psychotherapy approaches they use on a daily basis.
To be honest, I wish I'd had access to this essay as an undergrad; it clarifies many philosophically complex issues, significantly recognizing that there is no single best way to think or work Christianly.
Therefore, the same rule prevails among all, that a Christian deal Christianly with his neighbor, and the stipulation is not for this reason condemned.
While the ideal was to act Christianly because it was the right thing to do, the practical reality, as some Protestant papers noted, was that violence would not change people's minds.