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or chris·to·phene  (krĭs′tə-fēn′)
n. Caribbean
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Namibia football team: Qu endra Kasume, Vetjiwa Tijvau, Mbitjitandjambi Mungunda, Chelsea De Gouveia, Jasmin Baas, Beverly Uueziua, Bianca Van Wyk, Ashley Solomons, Revival Gawanas, Christophine Hanse, Chaan Beukes, Ignacia Haoses, Anna Shaende, Nondiyo Noreses, Tarakuje Rukero, Luzane de Wee, AsteriaAngula, and Ivonne Kooper.
During her conversation with her servant, Christophine, Antoinette recalls a song a little girl sang, "It was a song about a white cockroach.
One of the more famous misunderstood practitioners of Vodou in literature is Christophine in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea.
Junior sous chef at The Torch, Krishna Beeharee, bagged a gold medal with distinction in the live Signature Dish competition for his unique "Pan seared toothfish fillet crusted with mozaique vegetables, rissole sweet potatoes, creamy christophine and black grape sauce.
The following year she refers to "one major difficulty to be solved" (159): not voicing the white Creole woman, Antoinette, or the black West Indian woman, Christophine, but Rochester, the Englishman arrived in Jamaica to claim his dubious legacy, her inability to delve into his side of the dismal affair troubling her the most.
When Christophine instead advises that Antoinette simply leave him, the young woman replies, "But I cannot go.
Belonging completely neither to the white world, her birthright, nor to the black world, close to her through her friend Tia and her beloved nurse Christophine, Antoinette suffers further "zombification" when her stepbrother "sells" her in matrimony to Rochester, a younger son without a fortune who must marry rich or remain poor.
There are no obeah women such as Wide Sargasso Sea's Christophine being threatened with jail--or execution--for practicing her religion.
The chefs at these establishments make judicious use of native fish and produce, turning out tender callalloo crepes, tasty christophine (a Caribbean squash au gratin, intricate conch and dolphin (the fish, not Flipper) dishes and tangy ginger and mano-based desserts.
In this case, however, in a key point that Spivak's opposition of Antoinette to her black servant, Christophine, appears to elide, the fact that Creole whites were themselves also natives does not necessarily imply the exclusion imposed on slaves and their descendants, as the structure of plantation societies tended to privilege whiteness, whether indigenous or imported.
Bajan rice and peas is a "plate cleaner," especially if its accompanied by pumpkin fritters or sauteed christophine.