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a. Relating to colors or color.
b. Relating to color perceived to have a saturation greater than zero.
2. Music
a. Of, relating to, or based on the chromatic scale.
b. Relating to chords or harmonies based on nonharmonic tones.

[Greek khrōmatikos, from khrōma, khrōmat-, color.]

chro·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
chro·mat′i·cism (-sĭz′əm) n.
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Adv.1.chromatically - with respect to color; "chromatically pure"
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Schuman took Rouse's advice, but chromatically adjusted many of the existing melodies to produce only a shadow of the original work.
Here, again, we have the eight-beat pattern, the upper melodic component of which now descends chromatically from B[flat] to A[flat], in parallel tenths with the bass.
The keyboard certainly looks similar to Hitchcock's with its |skunktail' sharps and a compass descending chromatically to G'.
Additional cutting-edge features include enhanced Human Playback(R), Update Brackets and Groups, Quick Change, Vertical Collision Remover, updated Playback Controls, enhanced positioning of cross-staff augmentation dots, improved pickup measures, enharmonic spelling in chromatically transposed parts and much more.
The resulting juxtaposition was chromatically violent--the aggressive hues of protest flyers clashed with the worn black-and-white of old newspaper.
The text provides a bilabial exercise through the short syllabic phrase "Ba, be, bi, bo, bu," ascending chromatically.
The first half of the routine begins quite low (G), and moves chromatically upward through a pattern of slurred and tongued scales and arpeggios.
Here are four examples: (1) "a sunburst of chromatically inflected E major" (p.
Begin by working this 5-finger warm up three times ascending and descending, with a smoothly planned crescendo and decrescendo, in all major and minor keys, chromatically.
The fundamentals, shown as diamond-shaped notes, move chromatically from E down to G.
The PANTONE 4-color process guide, the spot color alternative, displays over 3,000 chromatically arranged CMYK color combinations, complete with screen tint percentages to enable accurate color reproduction.
In Lviv, Ukraine, October 14, 2013, a painting--a chromatically subdued landscape of river, mountains, and forest--stands on a patch of bare ground, its lush picturesqueness, somewhere between folk art and kitsch, contrasting with the dark earth around it.