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a. Relating to colors or color.
b. Relating to color perceived to have a saturation greater than zero.
2. Music
a. Of, relating to, or based on the chromatic scale.
b. Relating to chords or harmonies based on nonharmonic tones.

[Greek khrōmatikos, from khrōma, khrōmat-, color.]

chro·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
chro·mat′i·cism (-sĭz′əm) n.


(kroʊˈmæt əˌsɪz əm, krə-)

chromatic musical style.


the use of the chromatic scale or chromatic halftones in musical compositions. Cf. diatonicism.
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[krəˈmætɪsɪzəm] n (Mus) → cromatismo
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Whatever the case, the composer's used of non-traditional (up till then) tonalities and the extensive use of chromaticism, are both elements which influenced many composers who followed.
Crawford had a stint as a disciple of the cultish composer-philosopher Dane Rudhyar, and her first mature pieces, a series of searching and austere piano preludes, take the mystical chromaticism of Scriabin as a point of departure.
Opening with Kodaly's Variations on a Hungarian folksong (The Peacock), the centrepiece of this concert is Stravinsky's glorious suite, The Firebird, with music that references both folk-song melodies and Stravinsky's trademark exotic rhythms and chromaticism.
That comes as no surprise, as his compositions reveal great inventiveness, ingenious incorporation of Italian music trends, imaginative use of chromaticism, as well as masterful knowledge of the organ itself.
In Proserpine, Saint-Saens adopts Wagner's leitmotif techniques as well as some of his texture and chromaticism, but without losing the traditional French traits of clarity, order, balance and proportion.
Although this sometimes creates contradictions and ambivalence during decision making, it also empowers us as we experience the richness of an increasingly greater "life chromaticism.
The category has produced works that unwaveringly pursue the Philippine genre tradition, always soundly constructed in terms of design and composition, with its dynamic rhythm and circumspect chromaticism, and with images guaranteed to put the viewer on the side of the artist.
MirE is represented with a set of lithographs from the "Les Penalites de L'Enfer ou les Nouvelles-Hebrides" from 1974, where he has interpreted the surrealist poetry of Robert Desnos with a combination of geometric abstraction and lyrical chromaticism.
Its design, grounded in earthy tones with staccato tassles, is inspired by musical chromaticism and mathematics.
1 [Winter 1990]: 37-73); or Walter Everett's survey of structural chromaticism in Simon's music (in Understanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis, ed.
The rhythmic play of the hemiola between voice and piano creates a sense of urgency, with the chromaticism mirrored in the piano, and finally ends with a sense of disquiet as the piano hovers around a D in the low and middle registers.
He went into isolation, now a hobbling cripple, and devoted himself exclusively to composition, one of his special innovations being the invention of a diatonic scale that prefigured Wagner's chromaticism by two decades.