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An irregular aggregation of chromatin in the nucleus of a cell not undergoing mitosis.


1. (Biology) any of the dense aggregates of chromatin in the nucleus of a cell
2. (Biology) the nucleus of a cell


(ˈkær i əˌsoʊm)

any of several masses of chromatin in the reticulum of a cell nucleus.
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Oogonial proliferation and progressive morphological changes in the ooplasm of the oocytes were used to classify oogenesis in distinct stages that included oogonial proliferation, chromatin nucleolus, primary growth and secondary growth (vitellogenesis).
Few proliferating oogonia, oocytes in the chromatin nucleolus, primary growth stages, and empty tubules can be observed.
The Chromatin nucleolus oocytes (STAGE I) (Figure 1) were the smallest oocytes, appearing grouped in 'clusters of germ cells' (CG) inserted in ovigerous lamellae in vascularized areas, with average diameter ([+ or -] SD) of 9.