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The pattern of separated substances obtained by chromatography.


(ˈkrəʊmətəˌɡræm; krəʊˈmæt-)
1. (Chemistry) a column or strip of material containing constituents of a mixture separated by chromatography
2. (Chemistry) a graph showing the quantity of a substance leaving a chromatography column as a function of time


(krəˈmæt əˌgræm)

the column, gel layer, or paper strip on which some or all of the constituents of a mixture have been separated by being adsorbed at different locations.
[1920–25; < German Chromatogramm (1906); see chromato-, -gram1]
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Noun1.chromatogram - the recording (column or paper strip) on which the constituents of a mixture are adsorbed in chromatography
recording - a signal that encodes something (e.g., picture or sound) that has been recorded


[krəʊˈmætəˌgræm] Ncromatograma m
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Display: graphic LCD display with chromatogram display function
HPLC enables users to view the LA1c as a distinct peak in the chromatogram.
MarkerLynx is capable of automatically processing LC/MS data sets to search expected (targeted) and unexpected (non-targeted) metabolites by comparing the chromatogram of the analyte with that of the control.
30] tricyclic terpane (S + R) was measured in high concentrations, being a major component on the m/z 191 mass chromatogram.
1A shows the chromatogram of the patient's urine, and Fig.
To verify the identity of the different peaks or patterns on the chromatogram, fractions were collected.
An Experiment Step could be a UV/Vis spectrum, a chromatogram trace, a peak table or a microplate read.
This same equipment can also be used for recognition of particular odours to relate to certain peaks in the chromatogram, aiding identification of the particular compounds responsible.
Photocopying a chromatogram is cheaper than buying and running an HPLC and doesn't require trained operators.
In fact, this is only a segment of the entire Macondo oil chromatogram.
Interference (if any) of excipients (used in pharmaceutical formulations) in the chromatogram of butamirate citrate was thoroughly checked.