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The difference between one color and a reference color of the same brightness and chromaticity.

[Blend of chromo- and luminance.]


1. (General Physics) the quality of light that causes the sensation of colour. It is determined by comparison with a reference source of the same brightness and of known chromaticity
2. (Broadcasting) the information that defines the colour (hue and saturation) of a television image, but not the brightness
[C20: from chromo- + luminance]


(ˈkroʊ mə nəns)

the difference in color quality between a color and a reference color that has an equal brightness and a specified chromaticity.
[1950–55; chrom (atic) + (lum) inance]
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Initially, PCA is applied on the input player image to extract the luminance and chrominance channels [45].
One of these filters lets analysts map chrominance noise, or color fluctuations, and is especially helpful when looking for retouching.
Spatial color-to-grayscale transform preserving chrominance edge information.
You can perform some noise reduction by checking the Chrominance Noise Reduction box, and then click the Apply button at the bottom left.
Average video distortion (PSNR) (dB) of the Football sequence with and without SE, for luma (Y) and chrominance (U and V) components.
According to the previous theory chromaticity presented below, the coordinates representative luminosity and chrominance data and psychometric parameters for the first three solutions of the study.
Intermodulation distortion: The distortion of the luminance component caused by the change in chrominance amplitude in a composite television signal;
While one captures chrominance (colour data), the other is used to capture the blacks, whites, light and contrast data.
This study has also showed abnormal morphological changes to primary & secondary spermatocytes as well as their nuclei and Chrominance element.
Here, Y represents the luminance component and Cr and Cb denote the chrominance components.
Comparative performance of different skin chrominance models and chrominance spaces for the automatic detection of human faces in color images.