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A widely distributed black to brownish-black chromium ore, FeCr2O4.


1. (Minerals) a brownish-black mineral consisting of a ferrous chromic oxide in cubic crystalline form, occurring principally in basic igneous rocks: the only commercial source of chromium and its compounds. Formula: FeCr2O4
2. (Elements & Compounds) a salt of chromous acid


(ˈkroʊ maɪt)

1. a salt of chromium in the bivalent state.
2. a black mineral, ferrous chromate, FeCr2O4, the only ore of chromium.
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Noun1.chromite - a brownish-black mineral; the major source of chromium
atomic number 24, chromium, Cr - a hard brittle multivalent metallic element; resistant to corrosion and tarnishing
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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It has been widely believed that magmas sourced from the mantle cannot directly crystallise chromite, as the mantle rocks that are being melted are rich in olivine, and therefore these melts should crystallise olivine, not chromite," said Rais Latypov from the School of Geosciences of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, lead author of the study.
KHAR -- People of Nawagai area of Bajaur Agency on Sunday held a protest rally against delay in resolution of a dispute over chromite mines in the region.
chromite, barytes, sulphur, marble, iron ore, quartzite, limestone and coal.
When the Ring of Fire chromite market grows to a level requiring rail, Ontario Northland has the experience, technology and capabilities to safely operate and maintain the rail infrastructure," replied Moore.
PESHAWAR -- Syed Zaheerul Islam, Secretary Mineral Development Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has contradicted a news item appeared in a section of the press alleging illegal mining of Chromite in Tehsil Tangi District Charsadda.
It was given an application to mine chromite covering 1,500 hectares.
Abdul Jamae Jamae, a deputy speaker in the council, says Pakistani engineers in Zana Khan district are digging up chromite for some months now.
ABSTRACT: A significant and cheaper chemical compound, Sodium chromate having the formula Na2CrO4 was prepared from low grade chromite of Muslimbagh area.
the mineral rights holder of the area covered by the Coto Chromite Project, Gojo and a group of police officers headed by police provincial Director Francisco Santiago Jr.
Tenders are invited for Installation of Real-Time Effluent Quality Monitoring System at existing Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) of South-Kaliapani chromite mine of M/s.