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n. pl. chro·mos Informal
A chromolithograph.


n, pl -mos
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) short for chromolithograph


(ˈkroʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
[by shortening]


or chromato-

a combining form meaning “color,” “pigment” (chromophil) or, by extension, “chromosome” (chromonema).
[< Greek, comb. form of chrôma color]
References in classic literature ?
I had been used to chromos for years, and I saw now that without my suspecting it a passion for art had got worked into the fabric of my being, and was become a part of me.
He had been brought up on chromos and lithographs that were always definite and sharp, near or far.
We sat in awed silence, gazing with timid curiosity about the room, the stained, plastered walls of which were well-nigh covered with a motley assortment of pictures, chromos, and advertisements, pasted on without much regard for order or character.
Like the chromos and oleographs, the porcelains occupied an emergent liminal space between the sacred and the ex-hibitionary, often displayed in living rooms rather than in domestic shrines--in Indian versions of curiosity cabinets.
In her examination of contemporary novelist Felipe Alfau, Rogers draws on Spanish literary history to analyze the Spanish immigrant's version of Spanglish found in Chromos, set in interwar New York.
1948) Uber die Ursache der chromos pharischen Turbulenz und des UV-Exzesses der Sonnenstrahlung.
He has earlier served as CFO for Lifebank Corp, Inex Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Chromos Molecular Systems Inc.
The PCR product was sequenced using forward and reverse primers at Chromos Biotech Ltd.
It has been reported that balanced translocation carriers have an increased risk of abnormal conceptions and miscarriages, [5] caused by either malsegregation of the derivative chromos omes or the generation of a recombinant chromosome.
Chromos has also more recently taken on distribution, in the same regions, for US-based Spartanics.
The company reports that it holds leading market positions in selected geographies and product categories with a strong portfolio of well-known established brands such as Mobihel, Helios, Chromos, Belinka, Zvezda, Colomix, Odilak, Duga and Color.