Related to chromous: Chromous acid


Relating to or containing chromium, especially with valence 2.


(Chemistry) of or containing chromium in the divalent state


(ˈkroʊ məs)

containing divalent chromium.
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For the molecular identification of the isolate with piperine production, genomic DNA was purified using the Chromous Biotech Fungal gDNA Mini spin kit (Category number RKT41).
The successful PCR amplicons (40 [micro]L post-PCR) were sent for direct sequencing to the Chromous Biotech Pvt.
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The amplification product was purified by Chromous PCR clean up Kit (#PCR 10) according to manufacturer's instructions.
2]S from chromous chloride for sulfidic sulfur, and sulfidic sulfur--AVS for pyritic sulfur (Clark et al.
Nitrogen from the cylinder is firstpassed through two traps filled with chromous chloride solution (over Zinc amalgam and HCl) to remove the traces of oxygen.
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