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The capitals MDCIII correspond to 1603, the year of Queen Elizabeth I's death.


 (krŏn′ə-grăm′, krō′nə-)
1. The record produced by a chronograph.
2. An inscribed phrase in which certain letters can be read as Roman numerals indicating a specific date.

chron′o·gram·mat′ic (-grə-măt′ĭk) adj.
chron′o·gram·mat′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˈkrɒnəˌɡræm; ˈkrəʊnə-)
1. a phrase or inscription in which letters such as M, C, X, L, and V can be read as Roman numerals giving a date
2. (Horology) a record kept by a chronograph
chronogrammatic, ˌchronogramˈmatical adj
ˌchronogramˈmatically adv


(ˈkrɒn əˌgræm)

1. an inscription in which letters express a date or epoch on being added together by their values as Roman numerals.
2. a record made by a chronograph.
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While the chronogram of pre-DDR operations is being finalized and will largely depend on ongoing discussions with armed groups representatives, 4 locations have been identified as priority locations where pre-DDR operations have to start immediately.
2 Soundview Drive is occupied by tenants Forester Capital and financial consulting firm, Chronogram Corp.
com, our flagship lifestyle publication, Chronogram, and our Hudson Valley real estate journal Upstate House.
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The chronogram clearly shows that the EV-A71 C4 strains detected in France in 2012 (Figure, red branches) and those detected in France, Austria, and Germany in 2004 (Figure, green branches) belong to 2 separate lineages.
Putnam County Wine & Food Fest's current sponsors and partners include: News 12 Westchester, Hudson Valley Wine Magazine, Great Restaurants of Fairfield, Westchester, and The Hudson Valley, Xfinity, Verizon, Chronogram Magazine, Buzz Creators PR & Marketing, The Valley Table, Golden Krust Bakery and Restaurant, Polar Beverage, Party Line Tent Rentals, Bank Street Owners of Bank Street Theater and Carmel Cinema, and Bull and Barrel Brew Pub.
Therefore, we decided to compare the chronogram produced in BEAST to the trees produced in MrBayes v3.
contributing editor to Chronogram, a substitute teacher, and the author
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Average ages and 95% confidence intervals were reported for 13 selected clades in the resulting chronogram (1).