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 (krŏn′ō-thĕr′ə-pyo͞o′tĭks, krō′nə-)
n. (used with sing. verb)
1. Medical treatment administered according to a schedule that corresponds to a person's daily, monthly, seasonal, or yearly biological clock, in order to maximize the health benefits and minimize adverse effects.
2. Treatment of a sleep disorder by altering an individual's sleeping and waking times and resetting his or her biological clock. In both senses also called chronotherapy.
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In the treatment of affective disorders, chronotherapeutics offers a new synthesis of nonpharmacologic interventions designed to accelerate remission.
Chronotherapeutics for affective disorders; a clinician's manual for light and wake therapy.
But most said they were eager to learn, recognizing there's more to chronotherapeutics than, say, just popping a sleeping pill or even melatonin, the popular but controversial hormone, in the evening to get a better night's sleep.