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A chrysalis.

chrys′a·lid adj.


(Zoology) another name for chrysalis
(Zoology) of or relating to a chrysalis


(ˈkrɪs ə lɪd)

n. adj.
2. of or relating to a chrysalis.
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Ahead of the gig, we caught up with band ringleader, Mick Chrysalid to talk time travel, romance and fluffy cats and dogs.
She has produced this most useful picture book with large clear photographs which shows all the stages of the life of a monarch butterfly from its milky white egg, as a caterpillar with its black and white markings, the pupa and chrysalid stage and the emergence of the butterfly, with both male and female shown.
4%, reflecting a reduction in commercial expenses and the continuation of the Chrysalid cost savings plan.
Assessing this art in the context of the accompanying "Making-of" video, each comes to bear a more than passing resemblance to the chrysalid state -- that stage in insect development when the larva transforms into an adult.
Having scrapped the lifeless chrysalid of classical Marxism in favor of rhetorical flourishes without a solitary scrap of empirical data to back them up, Eagleton's method of argumentation leaves the reader with the impression that even the author does not believe in the foundational values of Marxism.
The chrysalid phase is considered the most vulnerable time, as inside, old body parts are going through a remarkable transformation.
A newly emerged monarch dries out its wings next to its previous home: an exquisite chrysalid of porcelain green with a necklace of tiny gold beads.