chuck away

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w>chuck away

vt sep (inf: = throw out) → wegschmeißen (inf); (= waste) moneyaus dem Fenster schmeißen (inf)
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It seems to me," he said deliberately, "that you are another of those poor fools who chuck away their life and happiness and go to the dogs because a woman had chosen to make a little use of them.
Here are you, with your way to make in the world, with your foot scarcely upon the bottom rung of the ladder, grubbing along on a few bob a week, and you choose to go and chuck away every chance you ever might have for a moment's folly.
If you enjoy your morning coffee from the cafe, or going to the pub with friends then there's nothing wrong with it, but buying food you just chuck away or clothes you never wear is just a waste.
Theresa May would be wise to lock Transport Secretary Chris "Dig for Victory" Grayling in a garden shed and chuck away the key.
PROP Dan Cole has vowed to chuck away the dunce's cap and stop giving away the daft penalties that could cost England the Six Nations.
He's going to take on the supermarkets and fast food industry, and challenge them to drastically reduce the amount of food they chuck away.
CHELSEA boss Jose Mourinho has warned gamblers not to chuck away their money by backing him for the sack, writes Tom Hopkinson.
AS World Cup fever grips the nation, a Midlands council is reminding football fans not to chuck away their left-over drinks and takeaway food containers.
A LETTER may have landed on your doormat recently that you really don't want to chuck away.
I should be more upbeat about the whole tour but it annoys me to chuck away the game.
And the growers wouldn't fancy growing Class 2 cucumbers much either, and therefore chuck away huge quantities of overbendy cucumbers and other abnormally shaped fruit and veg.
North East businesses chuck away more than pounds 1m a year through wasted energy.