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n. Informal
A stupid, gauche person; a blockhead.

[Possibly from chuck.]

chuck′le·head′ed adj.


informal a stupid person; blockhead; dolt
ˈchuckleˌheaded adj
ˈchuckleˌheadedness n


(ˈtʃʌk əlˌhɛd)

n. Slang.
a stupid or blundering person.
[1725–35; chuckle clumsy]
chuck′le•head`ed, adj.
References in classic literature ?
Well, I 'uz gwyne to spen' it, but I had a dream, en de dream tole me to give it to a nigger name' Balum -- Balum's Ass dey call him for short; he's one er dem chuckleheads, you know.
Kyle hypothesized that Sid was a chucklehead and Kyle's dad's dead Buick could prove it.
Tales of the Troupe" is a memoir of Rob Dinsmoor, reflecting on his time in the comedy troupe Chucklehead, which gained some degree of notoriety in New York throughout the 1980s.
In addition to Hoskins' characters of Angus Bogg and Salty, Hendrickson plays First Mate McGraw and is the voice of Chucklehead Pete.
Clot, chucklehead, muppet, plank and herbert are among better-known insults in the second edition.
Funny, funny, My friend Fred Is such a silly chucklehead.
This way, shareholders won't have to go all the way to Tennessee to see the chucklehead who always complains about covert Satanic imagery in the annual report or the woman in the peasant dress who thinks the company ought to adopt a Statement of Social Mission and have its books audited by the Council on Economic Priorities.
SECOND WAVE OF BANDS: The Echo Friendly, Emily Danger, Fort Lean, Marco with Love, The Black Owls, Michael Golden, Stephen Babcock, Boy Toy, Handsome Jack, Shark Week, Jenn Friedman, Blackfires, Chucklehead, Matt Sucich, Mark Crozer, Rowboat Casino, Windor Circle, Sanginistas, Carleigh Jade, The Marquee, Rory, Late Guest at the Party, DragonFly13, Memoryy, Miscengenator, Sinaloha, Ole Fateful, American Echos, Pete from Tattoo Money, Chamber Band, LTrain, 5J Barrow, Toy Cities, Mariko, Crime X Scene, Oil Boom, Autodrone, Son of Stan, Echo Station, Matte Black, Claire London, The Morning Sea, Secret Islands, Crazy Pills, For Everest, The Britanys, D'Arkestra, Noise NY, Firehaze
Yet it would be a mistake to imply that there were two Reagans--the farsighted statesman who won the Cold War and the chucklehead who bollixed up U.
We also found a waterproof notebook and a pair of fingerless gloves for the next time we have to stand outside of Best Buy in the cold and interview some chucklehead teenager who's been camped out for 17 days so he can be the first to buy the new XStation720.
Hailed by the press as post-modern animation zaniness, with the influence of The Three Stooges and the anarchic chucklehead spirit of the classic Warner Bros.
Hailed by the press as post-modern animation zaniness, with the influence of "The Three Stooges" and the anarchic chucklehead spirit of the classic Warner Bros.