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n. Informal
A stupid, gauche person; a blockhead.

[Possibly from chuck.]

chuck′le·head′ed adj.


informal a stupid person; blockhead; dolt
ˈchuckleˌheaded adj
ˈchuckleˌheadedness n


(ˈtʃʌk əlˌhɛd)

n. Slang.
a stupid or blundering person.
[1725–35; chuckle clumsy]
chuck′le•head`ed, adj.
References in classic literature ?
Well, I 'uz gwyne to spen' it, but I had a dream, en de dream tole me to give it to a nigger name' Balum -- Balum's Ass dey call him for short; he's one er dem chuckleheads, you know.
Only very sad dads impose their taste on their offspring (such as the chuckleheads who make their two-year-olds go to the park in Rolling Stones T-shirts).
The other thing that makes boomers different from those chuckleheads in the retirement ads is their brains.
The concept has been debunked by many postmodern academics as so much highminded bourgeois blather and, more dangerously, derided by the neoconservative Right as a folktale for chuckleheads.
There are only vapid, attention-hungry and self-absorbed chuckleheads foisted into the public eye for our bemusement.
Those chuckleheads chuckled, as they always do at their lord and master Joel's crappy jokes, which are nearly always at someone else's expense.
Two chuckleheads behind me started giggling, and at intermission another couple remonstrated with them for making so much noise.
Walker Percy, in a passage cited by Elliott, works the same vein as regards depression: "Consider the only adults who are never depressed: chuckleheads, California surfers, and fundamentalist Christians who believe they have had a personal encounter with Jesus and are saved once and for all.
Critics who lament the rise of dumbness wring their hands, wondering whether the ascendancy of such chuckleheads as Jim Carrey, Terry Bradshaw, Ricki Lake, and Geraldo Rivera signals the final eclipse of American civilization.
It would be my specialised subject on Mastermind if they ever opened entry to chuckleheads like me.
American news executives and pundits alike know that we chuckleheads don't care about foreign countries at all - unless our vacation plans are at stake.
It would mean tackling the gross inequalities in our society and that's clearly beyond the chuckleheads of our three main political parties.