chug along

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w>chug along

vientlangtuckern; (fig inf)gut vorankommen
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Swansea Council has offered them the Swansea Bay land train and one of its carriages, which chug along the Mumbles promenade in the summer.
The train would chug along slowly and stop at quaint little stations.
No need for any changes in the rail freight transportation industry's price outlook as the trend continues to chug along on its inexorable upward track.
As the economy continues to chug along on life support, desperate criminals are turning to unlikely targets.
The songs are fast, but chug along with slide guitar work that owes more to American blues than "Waltzing Matilda.
After leaving Hyde Park at 7am, the first cars will chug along the seafront from 10.
That said, the Green Day-inspired guitar pop of huge hits such as This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race and Sugar We're Goin' Down chug along like Thomas the Tank Engine on speed, and Saturday was just built for stadium singalong.
Nora's forging of an important signature must remain secret for the marriage to chug along sweetly but then along comes bitter bank employee Krogstad with a threat of blackmail.
All right, we will all probably continue to chug along in that pained but resilient British way we have by making home economies although I can't see millions of motorists dashing out to trade in their old vehicles for a new hybrid to beat Darling's road tax and the petrol price rises.
Howkins said: "As the financial markets continue to grow, sports betting will become a reducing proportion of the business, but it continues to chug along, churning out decent revenues and profits.
Oregon's economy continues to chug along in a slower gear, according to the University of Oregon Index of Economic Indicators for January.
JULY 8-9 CHUG along gently back in time on the Welsh Highland Railway in Porthmadog, North Wales.