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chug 1

A dull explosive sound, usually short and repeated, made by or as if by a laboring engine.
intr.v. chugged, chug·ging, chugs
1. To make dull explosive sounds.
2. To move or travel while making dull explosive sounds.


chug′ger n.

chug 2

v. chugged, chug·ging, chugs Slang
To swallow (a liquid) in one continuous action: chugged beer; chugged a beer; chugged a can of beer.
To swallow liquid, such as beer, without pausing.
A large swig of liquid: a chug of beer.

[From chug(alug).]


informal a charity worker who approaches people in the street to ask for financial support for the charity, esp regular support by direct debit
[C21: ch(arity) + (m)ugger]
ˈchugging n
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But research shows that it takes 180 approaches by a chugger to get one signature, one in 10 of these approaches is in breach of the rules, but no chuggers get sacked for this.
The app features connect-the-dots, hidden object and collectible chugger cards for every successfully completed level.
Album opener “Change” is an uptempo chugger that pays homage to time-honored classic country with a splash of rock, featuring a cavalcade of harmonica, acoustic guitar and pounding percussion.
So it came as no surprise when I was stopped by a chugger while walking down Cardiff's Queen Street.
An example is given of how one chugger confessed her technique to stop people was to "confuse" them by falsely telling them they had dropped something.
5% of Britons said they would hand money to a chugger in December.
Tritan[TM] water bottle offers dual cap functionality - flip-top sipper or, chugger with a finger loop and snap-lock cover for chugger spout protection
The Information Commissioner's Office, said the man's personal details were either sold or passed on up to 200 times after he filled in a survey with a chugger - short for 'charity mugger'.
Fly fishermen can throw chugger flies or streamer flies at actively feeding fish.
You get stopped by one chugger and then another soon afterwards even though you have told their colleague you are not interested.
Any contribution you make to such charities will have to be repeated over several months or years before the cost of employing the chugger is met.
THE next time you pass a chugger in the street rattling a can, feel good as you toss 50 cent into it.