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A Eurasian partridge (Alectoris chukar) with grayish-brown plumage and red legs and bill, introduced into western North America as a game bird.

[Hindi cakor, from Sanskrit cakoraḥ.]


(Animals) a common Indian partridge, Alectoris chukar (or graeca), having red legs and bill and a black-barred sandy plumage
[from Hindi cakor, from Sanskrit cakora, probably of imitative origin]



a gray Eurasian partridge, Alectoris chukar, established in W North America.
[< Hindi cakor; compare Skt cakora]
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Her chukar partridge, on the other hand, all survived the storm and should provide great hunting throughout the winter.
Gambirds: Pharoah Coturnix Quail, Northern Bobwhite Quail, Chukar Partridge, Chinese Ringneck Pheasants.