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A Eurasian partridge (Alectoris chukar) with grayish-brown plumage and red legs and bill, introduced into western North America as a game bird.

[Hindi cakor, from Sanskrit cakoraḥ.]


(Animals) a common Indian partridge, Alectoris chukar (or graeca), having red legs and bill and a black-barred sandy plumage
[from Hindi cakor, from Sanskrit cakora, probably of imitative origin]



a gray Eurasian partridge, Alectoris chukar, established in W North America.
[< Hindi cakor; compare Skt cakora]
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Changing climatic patterns and excessive hunting in the region have forced these migratory birds, including the critically endangered Sociable Lapwing and endangered white-headed duck, flamingoes, cranes, partridges, black partridges, Mallards and Chukor to look for new homes.
Other mammal and bird species recorded in the study area included the snow leopard (Panthera uncia), common leopard (Panthera pardus), black bear (Ursus thibetanus), grey langur (Semnopithecus ajax), rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta), musk deer (Moschus chrysogaster), kaleej pheasant (Lophura leucomelanos), koklass pheasant (Pucrasia macrolopha), monal pheasant (Lophophorus impejanus), western tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) and chukor (Alectoris chukar).
Besides the palace, other structures within the palace grounds include a temple (Linga Lhakhang), an ancient red stupa (Choeten Maap) and five chukor manis, religious structures that house large Buddhist prayer wheels.
Birds like the black partridge (Francolinus francolinus), grey partridge (Francolinus pondicerianus) and chukor partridge (Alectoris chukar) kept as pets.
No two animals were exactly alike, though unmistakable as hare or wild goat or chukor, as bharal or marmot, a wild profusion of them.
Summary: A fist fight almost broke out between Future Movement MP Mustapha Alloush and head of Lebanon's Baath Party Fayez Chukor during Monday's episode of political show "Bimawdouia" on MTV.
Similar studies studies have however been conducted on chukor partridge (Alectoris chukar) (Sychra, 2005), red legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) (Calvate et al.