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adj. chum·mi·er, chum·mi·est
Intimate; friendly.

chum′mi·ly adv.
chum′mi·ness n.
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Noun1.chumminess - the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability
sociability, sociableness - the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows


References in classic literature ?
The old jokes and laughter and chumminess of common things could not reach her over it.
Ms Alexander should concentrate on using her famous chumminess with Gordon Brown to win more powers for the Parliament which the people of Scotland want and deserve.
I stumbled a bit, thrown off by his chumminess, but I managed to ask him if he created any controversy by speaking at a private school graduation.
It's hard to say to what extent Clinton's chumminess with lawyers, gingerness with doctors, and lighthandedness with estate laws is evidence of class self-preservation and how much is simply hugging the shores of what is politically possible.
While I find the faux chumminess of the "at home" pics deeply patronising, it's the ones with the children that irritate me most.
San Jose made a mistake in naming its team the Sharks, since Worcester has always had a small-town chumminess and likes the idea of having its own unique brand.
The playing ranks have never been so varied, but there remains an insular chumminess about the managerial community that is disturbing.
For what it's worth, I marginally favour the commercial channel's commentary, but not enough to endure the ads and Chiles's still slightly desperate chumminess.
The chumminess was not unexpected coming from two leaders who tend to see issues from the same leftward view.
Test Match Special has been a radio institution since cream cakes and comic chumminess became a housewives' favourite in 1957.
As I am musing on their chumminess, something happens that is so metaphorically pinpoint-perfect that it requires me to assure you that it is factually true.
Thompson's book is competent journalism at best, with occasional lapses into forced chumminess, but nowhere does it come even close to the richness of [The Mind of the South].