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also hup·pah  (KHo͝op′ə, KHo͞o-pä′)
n. pl. chup·pahs or chup·poth (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′) or chup·pot (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′) also hup·pahs or hup·poth (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′) or hup·pot (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′)
A canopy on four posts held over the couple being married during a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.

[Hebrew ḥuppâ, covering, canopy, bridal chamber, from ḥāpap, to surround, cover; see ḥpp in Semitic roots.]


(ˈhʊpə) or


1. (Judaism) the canopy under which a marriage is performed
2. (Judaism) the wedding ceremony as distinct from the celebration
[from Hebrew]
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I'd just turned 21 and had already seen many of my close friends make the pilgrimage toward the chuppah.
The man I married is Jewish-American, and we were wed by a priest and then under a Jewish chuppah.
Several months later, the couple met under the chuppah, but the rabbi's promises failed to be realized.
When George, a secular Jew who does not know any Hebrew, marries Jess under a Chuppah, he recites the awkward blessings by heeding Jess's silent advice: "Don't think of these as ancient blessings; imagine that they're roses, think of them as scents" (389).
How you approach the altar or chuppah is up to you, but there is not a right or wrong way.
She recently completed her first novel, entitled "Dying to Get under the Chuppah," on which she collaborated with Sandra Hochman, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and award-winning poet.
Kramer, the associate rabbi at Temple Israel, officiated at the wedding ceremony as the couple stood beneath the chuppah (wedding canopy) on November 13, 1960, at Davis's home in the Hollywood Hills.
Each municipality, in turn, has a rabbinical council, which provides a marriage registrar and a rabbi to arrange the chuppah ceremony and is responsible for religious services in the municipality such as kashrut supervision, an eruv and mikvahs.
The wedding took place on a lawn underneath a chuppah.
Wedding bells will be heard this season no matter how the highest court in the land has ruled, but to make it to the altar, under the chuppah, or to the chair next to your fiance(e) without going Bridezilla, you need a plan of action.
The chuppah was lit by the glow of dozens of votive candles, which reflected beautifully in the mirrors of the Venetian room and gave the entire room a warm glow.
For one example, she linked the domed birdcage to the chuppah, the Jewish wedding canopy--a connection that I hadn't made, but that made sense to me, since that ceremony lends itself more to performance in the round than does the Christian ritual before the altar, and it was in the round that the birdcage was installed.