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One who attends church.

church′go′ing adj. & n.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a person who attends church regularly
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) an adherent of an established Church in contrast to a Nonconformist
ˈchurchˌgoing n, adj


(ˈtʃɜrtʃˌgoʊ ər)

a person who goes to church, esp. regularly.
church′go`ing, n.
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Noun1.churchgoer - a religious person who goes to church regularlychurchgoer - a religious person who goes to church regularly
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
congregant - a member of a congregation (especially that of a church or synagogue)
Holy Roller - a member of a religion that expresses ecstatic fervor
parishioner - a member of a parish


[ˈtʃɜːtʃˌgəʊəʳ] Nfiel mf


church-goer [ˈtʃɜːrtʃgəʊər] npratiquant(e) m/fchurch hall nsalle f paroissialeChurch of England [ˌtʃɜːrtʃəvˈɪŋglənd] nÉglise f anglicanechurch school n (British)école f confessionnellechurch service noffice mchurch wedding n
They want a church wedding → Ils veulent se marier à l'église.


[ˈtʃɜːtʃˌgəʊəʳ] nfedele m/f
his parents are regular churchgoers → i suoi genitori vanno regolarmente in chiesa
References in classic literature ?
She soon distanced the churchgoers, except two youngish men, who, linked arm-in-arm, were beating up behind her at a quick step.
Representatives of Islamic Funeral Service of Virginia, which reportedly handled arrangements for the burial in conjunction with a Methodist churchgoer in Richmond, could not be reached for comment.
And fellow churchgoer Annette Minogue said: "It's very sad.
uk The response to the survey was so impressive, it means there is something here for everyone, whether they are an occasional churchgoer, a committed Christian or a struggling believer with many questions.
I am regular churchgoer in St Mary's catholic church here in Dubai.
A CHURCHGOER was viciously attacked on the steps of the church.
THE judge who set Paris back to jail is no-nonsense churchgoer Michael T.
A churchgoer isn't limited to any faith or denomination," he said.
And somewhere in a nearby watering hole, wistfully trashy Odette Annette Barnette (Dale Dickey) strikes up a rapport with gay former churchgoer Peanut Leroy (Gary Ballard).
I am not a churchgoer but I do hold to the principles of the Christian faith.
When a Roman Catholic churchgoer kisses a pope's ring, it's considered a traditional sign of veneration.
DENIAL Walter Masocha Sex trial: Accused dismissed aunt claim A PENTECOSTAL pastor told a churchgoer that her aunt was "possessed" after she raised concerns about physical contact between members, a court has heard.

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