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One who attends church.

church′go′ing adj. & n.
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Adj.1.churchgoing - actively practicing a religion
religious - having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity; "a religious man"; "religious attitude"
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They fled from the wild, Irish, hard-living stereotype into the repressed angry, churchgoing folk dismissed by the anti-immigration politicos described in Imbeciles as community-oriented, kind and chaste, but still foreign.
Part one tells stories from teachers of Sabu-Raijua, activists of Kupang, churchgoing families of Kupang, women of South Central Timor, and widows of Alor.
Most resonantly, Scott Reid's Scott (tracksuited and with a sense of humour as vivid as his temper) and churchgoing elderly businesspeople George and Jean clash over his song for the group, an excitingly political rap about working in a sports shop on a zero hours contract.
Dr Mauricio Avendano, of London School of Economics and Political Science, said churchgoing was important for "keeping depression at bay" and as a "coping mechanism" during illness.
Highly recommended especially for churchgoing families and Sunday School library collections.
On another matter, I am pleased that PM, Fenham, agrees with me about non churchgoing taxpayers having to fund church roof repairs, even though he is not sure how this is done.
30pm) CHURCHGOING Emily forgives Sean for his trespasses against her, then tells him and the vicar to 'Get over yourself'.
She comes from an Anglican, but not particularly churchgoing, family, and says she "was loved into faith" by a small Anglican church community in rural Derbyshire.
This Heartland Film Festival winner should rack up points with the churchgoing crowd, but likely won't cross into a wider field of play.
There's no doubt that parishes today face plenty of challenges, and if asked, most churchgoing Catholics and ministry leaders around the country would likely voice similar concerns.
But today regular churchgoing is often measured as those that go at least once a month.
This charming picture of young girls in their Sunday best evokes a time when churchgoing was much more commonplace than it is today

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