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 (cho͞o-rä′skə-rē′ə, chə-răs′kə-)
A restaurant serving churrasco, often featuring all-you-can-eat service and having waiters who carry skewered meat to the diners' tables and cut slices upon request.

[Brazilian Portuguese churasco, churrasco; see churrasco + -aria, suffix forming nouns of place (on the model of Argentinian and Uruguayan Spanish churrasqería, restaurant serving barbecue beef).]
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Arriving at 2 pm yesterday, Sheikh Mohammed visited the Brazilian churrascaria where he experienced the Fogo Churrasco lunch, which included an exquisite selection of premiums cuts of high-quality meats, served tableside by specially trained Brazilian Gaucho chefs.
But I was more impressed with the French cuisine at Le Bistro and Brazilian at Moderno Churrascaria, which are available at an extra charge.
Go straight to Brazil for your Christmas feast this year, with the churrascaria serving up classic Latin American snacks and traditional cuts of meat, as well as marinated turkey.
When she is in Brazil, Gillmore saves on food by having a hearty breakfast at a local cafe or at her hotel, a smaller lunch of aAaAaAeAoa'ed, an inexpensive dish of frozen and mash aAaAaAeAoa'ed fruit topped with fresh fruit or granola, followed by a relax dinner at a popular churrascaria.
Foodies will love the gourmet dining in speciality restaurants such as Cagney's Steakhouse, Teppanyaki, Le Bistro, La Cucina, Margaritaville and Moderno Churrascaria.
I first met De Jesus when I was a consultant for Brazil Brazil Churrascaria.
During her time with this property, Baroudi played a vital role in the launch of restaurants across the property including Brazilian churrascaria Chamas, Belgian Café, the Abu Dhabi outpost of Circo which opened in 2014, Lebanese dining venue Byblos Sur Mer which launched in spring 2015 , and Cho Gao, the Asian restaurant that was inaugurated recently.
That's why Fogo de Chao churrascaria has embarked on a number of initiatives to give consumers more reasons to visit.
Texas de Brazil, the largest Brazilian-American steakhouse chain in the world, recently opened in Riyadh, bringing the churrascaria dining concept for the first time to Saudi Arabia.
Cronkite reporters produced written, video, photo, social and 360 video content across a variety of topics, ranging from Brazil's famous churrascaria style of cooking and Rio's lush urban hiking trails to the members of Team USA's "Final Five" women's gymnastics team who became some of the brightest stars of the games.
They would be entirely adjacent, if not for a co-op building and the one-story home of Brazilian steakhouse, Churrascaria Plataforma, which are not included in the portfolio.
BRAZIL | Rodizio Rico The Cube, Commercial Street, Birmingham B1 1RS Brum is not heaving with Brazilian restaurants but there will definitely be a more carnival flavour in the city when award-winning Churrascaria Viva Brazil opens this year.