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A milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fat extracted from chyme by the lacteals during digestion and passed to the bloodstream through the thoracic duct.

[French, from Late Latin chȳlus, from Greek khūlos, juice; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]

chy·la′ceous (kī-lā′shəs), chy′lous (kī′ləs) adj.
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Adj.1.chylous - consisting of chyle or having the properties of chyle


a. quiloso-a, que contiene quilo o de la naturaleza de éste.
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A similar condition, chylous ascites, occurs when the fluid leaks into the peritoneal cavity.
Following excision, gross specimens demonstrate thin-walled cystic masses that may contain chylous, serous, hemorrhagic, or mixed fluid.
Macroscopic appearance of pleural effusions Straw colour * Tuberculosis * Transudates * Simple parapneumonic effusion * Benign asbestos-related effusion Chylous * Neoplasms * Trauma * Tuberculosis * Sarcoidosis * Amyloidosis * Neoplasm Bloody * Trauma * Pulmonary embolism * Post-cardiac injury Purulent * Tuberculosis * Empyema
Chylous pleural effusion is an uncommon complication secondary to pathology of the thoracic duct; however, determining the aetiology of chylothorax in HIV-positive patients with KS and/or TB is a significant challenge.
Chylous effusions in the pericardial space can arise spontaneously, following penetrating or blunt chest trauma, or following surgical procedures (2, 3).
Chylous ascites as a presenting sign of prostatic adenocarcinoma.
Chyloptysis, chyluria, chylous pericardial effusion, pneumoperitoneum, acute abdomen, and lymphedema have also been described.
In pleural fluids, chylous effusions are milky white or yellow-bloody and indicate damage or obstruction to the thoracic duct secondary to trauma, malignancy, or congenital abnormality; pseudochylous effusions are also milky or green with a metallic sheen, contain cholesterol crystals and indicate chronic inflammation.
Johnson and Tattersfield found that in seven LAM pregnancies there were five cases of either single or recurrent pneumothorax or chylous pleural effusion, the complication rate during pregnancy being 11 times higher (6).
Treatment of a postoperative cervical chylous lymphocele by percutaneous sderosing with povidone-iodine.