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[French : ci, here + devant, before.]


(esp of an office-holder) former; recent
[literally: heretofore]



former: used esp. in reference to a retired officeholder.
[French. literally formerly]
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Were it worth the enquiry, it would be found that more than a just proportion of the renowned names of the mother- country are, at this hour, to be found in her ci-devant colonies; and it is a fact well known to the few who have wasted sufficient time to become the masters of so unimportant a subject, that the direct descendants of many a failing line, which the policy of England has seen fit to sustain by collateral supporters, are now discharging the simple duties of citizens in the bosom of this republic.
McKenna, ci-devant editor of the Pink Paper, enjoys a perspective clarified by his possession of a contemporary sensibility to the woof and warp of the gay life.
In a different category of possible error is the unsatisfactory repetition of the hoary legend, for which I have failed to find any evidential justification, that what George Joseph |Brides-in-the-Bath' Smith was playing on the sitting-room harmonium that evening in December 1914 as the ci-devant Margaret Lofty was wilting away in the bath aloft, was |Nearer My God to Thee'.