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 (sĭk′ə-trĭks′, sĭ-kā′trĭks)
n. pl. cic·a·tri·ces (sĭk′ə-trī′sēz, sĭ-kā′trĭ-sēz′)
A scar left by the formation of new connective tissue over a healing sore or wound.

[Middle English cicatrice, from Latin cicātrīx, cicātrīc-.]

cic′a·tri′cial (sĭk′ə-trĭsh′əl), ci·cat′ri·cose′ (sĭ-kăt′rĭ-kōs′) adj.
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The prosthetic prognosis is rarely good, and reconstructive surgical procedures, even when indicated, usually do not significantly improve the prosthetic potential sufficient to restore the patient's face to the normal facial contour due to the great amount of tissue loss and formation of cicatricial tissue.
He also commented on the resulting problem associated with delayed surgical repair: "if the edges are not approximated, cicatricial tissue will results and a troublesome stricture develop.
While the protection is initially useful, in the long run it induces formation of impermeable cicatricial tissue around the neuron, thus constituting impenetrable scarring hostile to axonal regeneration and hence to propagation of nervous impulses.