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 (sĭk′ə-trĭks′, sĭ-kā′trĭks)
n. pl. cic·a·tri·ces (sĭk′ə-trī′sēz, sĭ-kā′trĭ-sēz′)
A scar left by the formation of new connective tissue over a healing sore or wound.

[Middle English cicatrice, from Latin cicātrīx, cicātrīc-.]

cic′a·tri′cial (sĭk′ə-trĭsh′əl), ci·cat′ri·cose′ (sĭ-kăt′rĭ-kōs′) adj.


n, pl cicatrices (ˌsɪkəˈtraɪsiːz)
1. (Pathology) the tissue that forms in a wound during healing; scar
2. (Botany) a scar on a plant indicating the former point of attachment of a part, esp a leaf
[C17: from Latin: scar, of obscure origin]
cicatricial adj
cicatricose adj


(ˈsɪk ə trɪks, sɪˈkeɪ trɪks)

also cic•a•trice

(ˈsɪk ə trɪs)

n., pl. cic•a•tri•ces (ˌsɪk əˈtraɪ siz)
1. new tissue that forms over a wound and later contracts into a scar.
2. a scar left by a fallen leaf, seed, etc.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin: scar]
cic`a•tri′cial (-ˈtrɪʃ əl) adj.
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Noun1.cicatrix - a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissuecicatrix - a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
callus - bony tissue formed during the healing of a fractured bone
cheloid, keloid - raised pinkish scar tissue at the site of an injury; results from excessive tissue repair
pockmark - a scar or pit on the skin that is left by a pustule of smallpox or acne or other eruptive disease
sword-cut - a scar from a cut made by a sword
vaccination - the scar left following inoculation with a vaccine


n pl <cicatrices> → wildes Fleisch, Granulationsgewebe nt (spec); (= scar)Narbe f


n. L. cicatriz.
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I thought that the Sorbonne professor would express his anger openly, but, on the contrary, by a visibly violent effort, he calmed himself, took off his gloves, and showed his hands; they were unmarked by any cicatrix.
Cicatrix he latest collection has contributed to Ahl Masr Foundation.
CICATRIX is the designer's newest collection, which takes its lines and motifs from scars.