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n. cicatrizante, agente que contribuye a la cicatrización.
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Catuaba, Catigua Family Ethnomedical use Euphorbiaceae Ulcer, rheumatism, inflammatory and skin diseases Anacardiaceae Antirheumatic, skin disorders, cicatrizant, antimicrobial, bronchits Guttiferae Kidney affections, Inflammations, infections, general pain Compositae Toothache, stomatitis, throat Polygalaceae General pain, parasitical diseases Parasitical diseases, Inflammations Kidney affections, parasitical diseases, topical anestetic Asteraceae Disorders of the digestive tract Antiparasitic Leguninosae Antiparasitic, diabetis Myrtaceae Diabetis, Diabetis, disorders of the digestive tract Meliaceae Mental tonic, sexual stimulant Table 2.
The flower of Verbascum thapsus has been traditionally used as cicatrizant in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park (Italian Apennines) [7].
Taspine is the cicatrizant principle in Sangre de Grado extracted from Croton lechleri.