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Any of numerous tropical and subtropical chiefly freshwater fishes of the family Cichlidae, which includes the tilapias and many species that are popular as aquarium fish.

[From New Latin Cichla, type genus, from Greek kikhlē, a kind of fish; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

cich′lid adj.


(Animals) any tropical freshwater percoid fish of the family Cichlidae, which includes the mouthbrooders. Cichlids are popular aquarium fishes
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Cichlidae
[C19: from New Latin Cichlidae, ultimately from Greek kikhlē a sea fish]
ˈcichloid adj


(ˈsɪk lɪd)

any freshwater fish of the family Cichlidae of South America, Africa, and S Asia, superficially resembling the American sunfishes and popular in home aquariums.
[1880–85; < New Latin Cichlidae <Cichl(a) a genus (< Greek kíchlē thrush, wrasse)]
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Noun1.cichlid - freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishescichlid - freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes; some are food fishes; many small ones are popular in aquariums
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
bolti, Tilapia nilotica - important food fish of the Nile and other rivers of Africa and Asia Minor
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To examine statistically the phylogenetic signature of the recent cichlid species flock in a temporal context, we used the published mtDNA sequences from Meyer et al.
In contrast, cichlids (six species) were most abundant in clear lakes; all cichlid species were positioned above the gradient midpoint (Fig.
Researchers have discovered that real communication is going on, with experiments like one conducted by Indiana University biology professor Bill Rowland with the jewel cichlid in 1979.
A cichlid (SIK-lid) fish dad also holds eggs in his mouth.
Vieja melanura is a species of Neotropical cichlid (subfamily Cichlinae; tribe Heroini) found in the Atlantic slope of Central America in the Peten lake district, Rio Grijalva-Usumacinta system, and in neighboring drainages of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala (McMahan, Murray, Geheber, Boeckman, & Piller, 2011).
Currently, there is not enough information to produce any native species from the geographical area of Queretaro, although previous studies have identified the native cichlid of Panuco River (Herichtys cyanoguttatus) as a possible candidate for farming (Garcia-Trejo et al.
OBSERVER: Alex holds a cichlid that's been trained to associate food with a certain colour.
No cichlid fossils have been documented from Central America, although diverse cichlids now live in that region (e.
They found females in bird species such as the sociable weaver and superb fairywren, along with daffodil cichlid fish, tend to produce smaller eggs when help with rearing offspring is at hand compared to when parents are on their own.
For an example, consider the cichlid fish of East Africa, which at first seems to prove that testosterone is indeed king.
The mild stress was caused by moving the fish to an unfamiliar tank, while the higher stress situations were simulated by adding models of a predating fish - a blue acara cichlid - and a heron.