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n. pl. ci·cis·be·i (-bā′ē′)
The male lover or companion of a married woman, especially in 18th-century Europe.

[Italian, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -bei (-ˈbɛːi)
(Historical Terms) the escort or lover of a married woman, esp in 18th-century Italy
[C18: Italian, of uncertain origin]
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Finally, Andrew Steptoe in his The Mozart-Da Ponte Operas (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988), while treating only three operas, includes discussions of Vienna and its history, the social class structure, Mozart's contact with Enlightenment circles, some biography, information on the singers, costumes, scenery, and fees (helpfully supplying a guide to the currency), spicing up the narrative with tidbits on social customs such as cicisbeos and post-feast purging.
why poets should go for their heroes and heroines to that country of singers, slaves, and cicisbeos, surpasses all understanding.
18-22) and the Viennese moral climate (even the common practice of cicisbeos, p.