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Noun1.cigar band - a narrow paper band around a cigar
stripe, banding, band - an adornment consisting of a strip of a contrasting color or material
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To celebrate the premium quality, each 1882 cigar is wrapped with a traditional cigar band.
The stylish claret shaped bottle with a distinctive cigar band on the neck strongly communicates the Hardys brand with the VR logo sub headed Varietal Range to communicate the varietal nature of the wines.
But she had to make do with a cigar band as a ring.
Popeye once again tells his decades-long gal, ``I yam what I yam,'' and has only a cigar band to give her as a ring.
Brand names are printed on the cigar band, wrapped around the head of the cigar.
She's strutting about Cannes this week flashing a cigar band, which the actor insists is a space holder for something a Paris jeweler's working on.
Stern (value $2 million) set in white gold; -- Richard Tyler: Vintage brooches, hat pins, 19th century diamond chokers and a tiara (value $2 million) from Fred Leighton; -- Zang Toi: In excess of $5 million worth of diamond line bracelets, brooches and Deco style cigar band rings from diamond.
In 1995, as a passionate cigar smoker, working at that time in the financial sector, he took one hundred cigars that he had discovered on one of his journeys to the Dominican Republic, had them personalized with his own cigar band and sent them to selected customers as a gift.
But the swap meet has an excellent reputation, according to Myron Freedman, who was the president of the recently disbanded International Seal, Label and Cigar Band Society.
The cigar band design features an obvious yet tasteful representation of revelations from the recent Starr report and can be viewed on the website.
Along with a proprietary tapered and punted bottle design, the package includes a cigar band label at the neck and an adhesive top-dot label which covers the cork.