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Noun1.cigar box - a box for holding cigarscigar box - a box for holding cigars    
box - a (usually rectangular) container; may have a lid; "he rummaged through a box of spare parts"
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Beside this appeared a figure of Columbia, copied from the top of the cigar box that held the crayons.
Dads Guitars are also the only stockist in the North West to sell Cigar Box Guitars which are an inexpensive way to begin to learn to play.
In addition to the more typical Telecaster and Les Paul guitars, Moreland's arsenal also includes a hand-crafted instrument consisting of four strings stretched across a cigar box.
I built the first guitar with a cigar box and some hard wood in 2013, the same year that I came to Dubai.
Cigar box guitarists took center stage at the Eugene Saturday Market, familiarizing the local audience with the homespun sound of the century-old instrument many people never have heard.
State House workers looking for water leaks found the tarnished brass box, about the size of a cigar box, encased in the building's cornerstone.
What is listed is what is available, so customers can rest assured that there is no delay in back orders and they offer free shipping on certain cigar box purchases.
Marked by vivid aromas of wild blackberry fruits leading to concentrated black plummy fruits, vanilla, spice, herbs and a hint of cigar box with well-integrated tannins, it's worth making a song and dance about while toasting their patron saint.
One of the photos shows a cigar box containing a spoon, syringes and a lighter with a cigarette butt on the floor next to it.
One of the images shows a small cigar box containing a spoon, possibly with heroin residue on it, syringes, a lighter and a cigarette butt.
Among the photos released, one of them is a close up of a cigar box that was found near his body and consisted of heroin paraphernalia.
The show filmed its pilot in January at the Cincinnati Hunting & Fishing Show, where the Appraiser's Choice was a cigar box purchased at an auction for $10 that turned out to contain four fishing lures valued at $6,500 to $7,000.