cigar cutter

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Noun1.cigar cutter - an implement for cutting the tip off of a cigar
cutlery, cutting tool, cutter - a cutting implement; a tool for cutting
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One resident of the flat found a bag on his balcony that contained break-in tools, an electronic tablet, four mobile phones, a camera, a car key and a cigar cutter, police said.
The gadget includes scissors, a corkscrew, a cigar cutter, pens, a mirror, a straight razor, a cheese fork and a butter knife, in addition to a .
Crafted from walnut with gilded mounts bearing a Paris maker's stamp and lined in cedar wood, it has a fancy locking mechanism with an integral cigar cutter which adorns the top and an enamelled white star and Captain Edward John Smith's initials applied to the front face.
Shilpa roared with laughter as Jo added: "Dirk's got a cigar cutter, let's cut up all his cigars.
It looked like a cigar cutter but they knew I had given up cigars 20 years ago.
They bring out this fancydan new knife which has 85 tools, including, among other fripperies, a nail file, a magnifying glass, a torch, a cigar cutter, a tyre gauge and a tool for adjusting bicycle spokes.
One of the crew, who had worked with Robert De Niro on The Godfather, told Paul that he had `that something special' and gave him his favourite cigar cutter.
Before being lit, cigars must be cut, always with a cigar cutter.