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also cig·a·ret  (sĭg′ə-rĕt′, sĭg′ə-rĕt′)
1. A small roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking, enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper.
2. A similar roll of another substance, such as a tobacco substitute or marijuana.

[French, diminutive of cigare, cigar, from Spanish cigarro; see cigar.]
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Noun1.cigaret - finely ground tobacco wrapped in papercigaret - finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking
cigarette butt - small part of a cigarette that is left after smoking
cubeb cigarette, cubeb - a cigarette containing cubeb
filter-tipped cigarette - a cigarette with a filter tip
marijuana cigarette, reefer, spliff, joint, stick - marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking
roll of tobacco, smoke - tobacco leaves that have been made into a cylinder
References in classic literature ?
Werper withdrew a cigaret from a jeweled case and lighted it.
Werper was accustomed to sit for hours glaring at his superior as the two sat upon the veranda of their common quarters, smoking their evening cigarets in a silence which neither seemed desirous of breaking.
After dinner I rolled a cigaret and stretched myself at ease upon a pile of furs before the doorway, with Ajor's head pillowed in my lap and a feeling of great content pervading me.