cigarette burn

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Noun1.cigarette burn - a burn mark left by a smoldering cigarette; "a cigarette burn on the edge of the table"
burn mark, burn - a place or area that has been burned (especially on a person's body)
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Former detectives Mark Smith and Michael Gerondis have claimed that Hutchence, who had supposedly committed suicide while depressed and under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, had dark nicotine stains on his fingers and a months-old cigarette burn so deep it exposed the bone, News.
A cigarette burn was found on her vest and a lighter near to her body.
There was also evidence of a cigarette burn on Aaron's shoulder and scalding injuries.
A MUGGER may have been left with a cigarette burn on his face by his victim.
Specifically, the inspection team found a backlog of 163 referrals waiting assessment - 121 classed as high priority - including the case of a two- year-old with a facial cigarette burn, who had allegedly been injured in the course of domestic violence.
This red, black and white ash-body guitar has a bolt-on maple neck and has been aged to precisely match the original, complete with every scratch, ding and cigarette burn.
And there was a cigarette burn which went through one of her toenails to the flesh below.
He also had what was believed to be a cigarette burn on a shoulder and a scalding injury.
His aunt saw what looked like a cigarette burn on his fingers and, on another occasion, two of his fingers were diagnosed as being broken.
He came home once with a cigarette burn on the back of his neck.
Alas, being in pole position has its hazards as well as its rewards - hoi polloi were so keen to approach the Presence that I fell off my chair and Jemma ended up with a cigarette burn on her face.
A post-mortem found 37 injuries and marks on Aaron's body, including a broken rib, a cigarette burn and a scald.