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Noun1.cigarette butt - small part of a cigarette that is left after smokingcigarette butt - small part of a cigarette that is left after smoking
stub, butt - the small unused part of something (especially the end of a cigarette that is left after smoking)
cigaret, cigarette, coffin nail, fag, butt - finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking
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Under the Litter Act 1979, anyone incorrectly disposing of a cigarette butt can be fined $200.
A CROWN court judge cleared a grandmother who was wrongly fined for allegedly dropping a cigarette butt in a car park.
KINGDOM litter teams have been directly targeting smokers in Liverpool - with cigarette butt penalties making up over 90% of all tickets handed out.
Mohajerani, who was keen to find solutions to mounting cigarette butt waste, said that in the research, they encapsulated the cigarette butts with bitumen and paraffin wax to lock in the chemicals and prevent any leaching from the asphalt concrete.
A cigarette butt may take up to five years to break down into seawater, while polluting the water with poisonous chemical substances such as cadmium, arsenic and lead.
Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Sunday made a new pitch for a stricter implementation of the smoking ban in the city, saying the policy would benefit the environment by lessening cigarette butt litter.
Upon searching the room, we found a cigarette butt stuffed with hashish thrown on the floor - we also found two other cigarette butts in a drawer.
Now a team at RMIT University led by Dr Abbas Mohajerani has demonstrated that bricks with as little as 1 percent cigarette butt content can cut brick production costs and help the environment.
In addition to being a green solution to the growing problem of cigarette butt waste, the resulting material has also been shown to store more energy than commercially available options including carbon, graphene, and carbon nanotubes, according to a study published in Nanotechnology.
The average cigarette butt contains numerous chemicals which may be considered health hazards," states the co-authors Dr.
A MAN has been left with a hefty bill topping PS600 after dropping a cigarette butt in Durham city centre.
EASTENDERS actress Linda Henry has been cleared of racially abusing a council warden after being asked to pick up a cigarette butt.